• Race Damper Service

    Öhlins-factory certified inspection, refresh and service for GT3, GT4, TCR and more
  • Custom Damper Solutions

    Engineered supension kits for ultimate track performance. Corvette, Aston Martin, GT86, BMW and more...
  • Dyno Services

    No guesswork, we use a computer-controlled CTW RD10 to test every damper


Motorsports Suspension Engineering

We are an agile company offering expert services, knowledge and engineering for motorsports suspension applications. We specialize in short-circuit and endurance racing applications, particularly in GT3, GT4, TCR Touring Car, as well as a variety of Modern and Historic Formula cars.

We’re more than just an Öhlins factory-certifed service centre for your racing shocks though. As ex-Öhlins R&D, we have also engineered several custom applications, ranging from Road & Track DFV to full-on TTX solutions.

We operate from our fully-featured workshop close to the Nürburgring. We have our own shock dyno, as well as facilities from Damper tooling, Chassis setup equipment, in-house TIG and MIG welding, machining, and even CAD/CAM.

Our Partners

We work with the best in the motorsport business

Öhlins Suspension

We are a factory-approved, factory-trained partner, offering expertise and experience in Swedish Gold.

Read more @ https://www.ohlins.eu

Read More @ https://www.ohlins.com/

Millway Motorsport Top-Mounts and Uniballs
Millway Motorsport

Engauge is an official Millway partner based close to the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Millway offers top-quality BMW suspension products, Made In Sweden, such as camber & caster plates, Adjustable Suspension Arms, Uniball Bushings, and Suspension Kinematic Optimization Components.

Read More @ https://www.millway.se/

WheelCam Vehicle Alignment

We use WheelCam alignment gear. This is a digital wheel alignment system and the most accurate system available

Read More @ https://www.wheelcam.se/

CTW Automation
CTW Automation

We Run a State of the art CTW Automation Shock Dyno for damper testing and optimization. Damper Matching, Bump-Stop Testing, and Spring testing are among the many of our Dyno Services available.

Read more@ http://www.carolinatestworks.com/

Intercomp Racing Logo
Intercomp Racing

Intercomp Racing sets the standard for weighing and motorsport measurement equipment. We are an Intercomp dealer, and we integrate the Intercomp products directly into out Engauge Setup Technology range.

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